High School

1   Owasso Information  
2 Putnam City North @ PCO   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Altus   (4A-Below) Information  
    Holland Hall Information  
7   Velma-Alma   (3A-Below) Information  
    McAlester Information  
8   Edmond Santa Fe   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Bartlesville   (10 Team Limit) Information  
9   Duncan   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Plainview Information  
12   Maysville Information  
    Yukon   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Oologah   (8 Team Limit)   Moved from 3-14 Information  
14   Dickson Information  
    Bethany   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Oologah   (8 Team Limit)   Moved to 3-12 Information  
    Marlow Information  
    Claremore Information  
    Wynnewood Information  
    McGuinness   (Meet Filled) Information  
15   Moore   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Prague Information  
    Cherokee   (4A-Below) Information  
    Sapulpa   Cancelled Information  
26   Poteau Information  
    Dewey   (4A-Below) Information  
28   Cache   (6A-4A/3A-A) Information  
    Edmond North Information  
    Alex   (8- Man) Information  
29   Okmulgee Information  
    Covington-Douglas   (2A-A) Information  
    Owasso Information  
    Wagoner Information  
    Choctaw   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Kellyville Information  
    Stratford   (3A-Below) Information  
    Madill Information  
    Pauls Valley Information  
    Henryetta Information  
30   Bethany Information  
    Broken Arrow   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Oologah   (15 Team Limit) Information  
    Stroud Information  
    Ada Information  
    Oklahoma Christian School   (15 Team Limit) Information  
    Hobart   (4A-Below)   (16 Team Limit) Information  
2   Midwest City   (JV) Information  
    Hilldale Information  
    Heavener Information  
    Purcell Information  
    Tecumseh Information  
4   Alex Information  
    Pawhuska Information  
    Chelsea   (3A-Below) Information  
    Cushing   (4A-Below) Information  
5   Tahlequah Information  
    Stillwater Information  
    Catoosa   (5A-Below) Information  
    Altus Information  
    Deer Creek Edmond   (12 Team Limit) Information  
    Okeene   (3A-Below) Information  
    Okemah   (4A-Below) Information  
    Henryetta Information  
    Tishomingo Information  
6   Vinita Information  
    Crossings Christian   (3A-Below)   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Norman   (5 Spots Left) Information  
    Langston University Information  
8   Dickson   (3A-Down)   (12 Team Limit) Information  
    Bristow   (9) Information  
9   Miami   (5A-Below) Information  
    Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee Information  
    Edmond North   (9/JV) Information  
    Ponca City   (6A-5A/ 4A-Below) Information  
    Warner Information  
    Caddo County, Anadarko Information  
11   Inola   (4A-Below) Information  
    Miami   (3A-Below) Information  
    Chickasha Information  
    Ringwood   (8 Man) Information  
12   Chisholm    
    Pittsburg State University, KS    
    Atoka Information  
    Chandler   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Yukon Information  
    Bristow Information  
    Pryor Information  
    Skiatook   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Waurika   (8 Man) Information  
    Marietta Information  
    Tulsa BT Washington Information  
    Elgin   (Large School/Small School) Information  
    Checotah Information  
    Medford   (3A-Below) Information  
    Bridge Creek    
13   McAlester   Cancelled Information  
    Lindsay Information  
16   Deer Creek-Lamont   (2A-A)   (20 Team Limit) Information  
    Vinita Information  
    Cherokee   (Open to all classes) Information  
    Canadian Valley Conference, Pauls Valley    
    Piedmont   (12 Team Limit) Information  
    North Canadian, Okemah   (3A-Below) Information  
18   Wynnewood Information  
    Broken Bow Information  
    Newkirk   (Meet Filled)    
    Hinton Information  
19   University of Oklahoma, Norman Information  
    Catoosa   (3A-Below) Information  
    Collinsville Information  
    Coweta   (5A-Below)   (12 Team Limit) Information  
    Ardmore Information  
    Muskogee Information  
    Foyil   (2A-Below) Information  
    Konawa   (3A-Below) Information  
    Turpin Information  
20   Ringwood   (2A-A) Information  
    Luther   (4A-Below)   (20 Team Limit) Information  
    Waurika   (3A-Below) Information  
    Verdigris Valley Conference, Wagoner    
    89'er Conference, Fairview    
22   Covington-Douglas   (2A-A) Information  
23   Velma-Alma Information  
    Weatherford Information  
25   Big 10 Conference, Choctaw    
    Frontier Valley Conference, Bixby    
    Central Oklahoma Athletic Conference, Moore Information  
26   Metro Lakes Conference, Coweta   (9/HS) Information  
    Duncan Information  
    Suburban Conference, Western Heights   (9/HS) Information  
27 REGIONAL  4A   3A   2A   1A  
    Class 4A:   
    Class 3A:     
    Class 2A:   
    Class A:    
3-4 STATE   4A   3A,       Catoosa
  STATE   2A   1A,       Western Heights
4 REGIONAL  6A   5A  

Classes 5A:     

Classes 6A:     

10-11 STATE   6A   5A,      Moore



If your meet is not listed, please send information to otca.ohstrack@gmail.com

Junior High / Middle School


5   Velma-Alma   (7/JH)   Moved to 3-12 Information  
    Elgin   (7/8-9) Information  
6   Wynnewood   (5/6) Information  
7   Tahlequah Information  
    Wagoner Information  
    McAlester   (7/8) Information  
8   Hefner Information  
11   Plainview   (5/6) Information  
12   Duncan   (7/8) Information  
    Claremore Information  
    Caney Valley   (7/8)    
    Velma-Alma   (7/JH)   Moved from 3-5 Information  
    Cleveland   (7/8)   (12 Team Limit) Information  
13   Stratford   (5/6) Information  
14   Maysville   (7/9) Information  
    Marlow Information  
    Hobart   (6-8)   (4A-Below)   (16 Team Limit) Information  
    Fairview   (6/7-8)    
15   Maysville   (5/6) Information  
25   Covington-Douglas   (7/8)   (2A-A) Information  
26   Chickasha   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Cache   (7/JH) Information  
    Henryetta Information  
27   Covington-Douglas   (5/6)   (2A-A) Information  
    Tahlequah   (5/6) Information  
    Elgin   (5/6) Information  
28   Bethany   (7/8)   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Prague   (7/8) Information  
    Owasso   (7/8) Information  
    Adair      (7/8) Information  
    Bristow   (7/8) Information  
    Glenpool Information  
    Stratford   (7/9) Information  
    Dewey   (7/8) Information  
    Madill   (6/7/8) Information  
    Poteau   (7/8)   Moved to 4-8 Information  
    Alex   (8-Man) Information  
    Fort Gibson   (7/8) Information  
    Purcell Information  
29   Yukon   (7/8) Information  
    Luther   (7/8)   (4A-Below) Information  
    Waurika   (5/6) Information  
    Western Heights Information  
30   Oologah   (7/8)   (15 Team Limit) Information  
    Norman   (7/8) Information  
    Pauls Valley   (7/8) Information  


1   Dickson   (3A-Down)   (12 Team Limit)   (6/8) Information  
    Vinita   (7/8) Information  
    Ringwood   (5/6)   (2A-A) Information  
    Okeene   (7-8)   (3A-Below) Information  
2   Okmulgee Information  
    Altus   (7/8) Information  
    Edmond North   (6-8) Information  
    Okemah   (7/8) Information  
    Pryor Information  
    Pawhuska   (7/8) Information  
    Henryetta Information  
    Claremore Sequoyah   (7/8)   (4A-Below)   (15 Team Limit) Information  
    Cushing Information  
3   Velma-Alma   (5/6) Information  
    Chisholm   (5/6)    
4   Ringwood   (7/8)   (2A-A) Information  
    Kellyville Information  
    Alex Information  
    Lindsay   (7/JH) Information  
    Jarman, Midwest City   (7/8) Information  
    Hilldale   (7/8) Information  
    Heavener Information  
    Ponca City Information  
    Tishomingo   (6/7/8) Information  
5   Sulphur    
    Seminole   (7/8) Information  
    Oklahoma Christian   (7/8)   (10 Team Limit) Information  
6   Vinita   (JH) Information  
    Bethany   (7/8)   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Crossings Christian   (3A-Below)   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Plainview   (7/8) Information  
8   Catoosa   (7/8) Information  
    Bristow   (9) Information  
    Waurika   (7/JH) Information  
    Poteau   (7/8) Information  
    Laverne   (5-6/7-8)    
    Warner Information  
    Tecumseh Information  
9   Inola   (4A-Below)   (7/8) Information  
    Edmond North   (9) Information  
    Sperry   (4A-Below)   (7/8) Information  
    Chisholm   (7/9)    
    Bridge Creek    
    Caddo County, Anadarko Information  
    Konawa   (7/8)   (3A-Below) Information  
10   Lindsay   (5/6) Information  
    Perkins-Tryon   (5-6) Information  
11   Putnam City North @ PCO   (7/8) Information  
    Atoka   (6/7/8) Information  
    Marietta Information  
    Checotah   (7/8) Information  
    Anadarko   (7/9)      (4A-Below) Information  
    Mannford   (7/8)   (4A-Below) Information  
12   Skiatook   (7/8)   (Meet Filled)    
    Chandler   (7/8)   (Meet Filled) Information  
    Waurika   (8 Man) Information  
    Elgin   (JH) Information  
13   Clinton   (7/8) Information  
    Stroud   (4A-Below)   (7/8) Information  
    Ada   (7/8) Information  
    Cherokee   (5-6/7-8)   (3A-Below) Information  
    McAlester   (7/8)   Cancelled Information  
    Piedmont   (7/8) Information  
15   Miami   (5A-Below)   (7/8) Information  
    Edmond Santa Fe   (7/8) Information  
    Luther   (5/6) Information  
    Canadian Valley Conference, Pauls Valley   (7/9)    
    Medford   (3A-Below)   (7/8) Information  
    Wyandotte   (6-7/8-9)   (4A-Below) Information  
    Turpin   (5-6/7-8) Information  
16   Deer Creek-Lamont   (2A-A)   (7/8)   (20 Team Limit) Information  
    Wynnewood   (7/JH) Information  
    Midwest City   (9) Information  
17   Deer Creek-Lamont   (5/6) Information  
    Hinton   (5/6) Information  
18   Collinsville Information  
    Coweta   (7/8)   (5A-Below)   (10 Team Limit) Information  
    Ardmore   (7/8) Information  
    Alex   (4/5/6) Information  
    Choctaw   (7/8) Information  
    Chelsea   (7/8) Information  
    Kingfisher   (5/6)    
    Hinton Information  
19   Kingfisher   (MS)    
20   Holdenville   (3A-Below)   (4/5/6)    
    Verdigris Valley Conference, Wagoner    
    Suburban Conference, Western Heights   (7/8) Information  
22   Covington-Douglas   (7/8)   (2A-A) Information  
    McGuinness   (7/8) Information  
    Kingston   (6/7/8) Information  
23   North Canadian, Okemah   (7/8) Information  
24   Covington-Douglas   (5/6)   (2A-A) Information  
25   Metro Lakes Conference, Coweta   (7/8) Information  
    Pawnee   (5/6) Information  
27   MMSAC, Choctaw    


9   Clinton   (5/6) Information